Give Love. Tell Stories. Preserve Them Forever In A DIY Heirloom.

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Each beautiful Keepsake Gift Journal is packed cover-to-cover with:

Directions and tips for getting the most out of this memory-making journey and heirloom creation experience.

Customized categories, sections, and page layouts help guide the collection process and ensure no detail is missed.

Specialized content and extra resources are included to maximize the fun of creating as well as the usefulness.

All journals are PRINTED IN THE USA with a beautiful glossy custom-designed front and back soft cover to make each one a gorgeous gift to give and own.

Every journal contains more than 200 (varies by journal) pages for gathering every story, guarded family formula, and doodle.

Each memory book measures 8 inches x 10 inches to provide plenty of room to be thorough and creative.

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Choose a Thoughtful Gift that Keeps Giving for Generations

Keepsake Gift Journals Offer Creativity and Personalization:

Celebrate milestone events and gift-giving occasions as opportunities to gather stories, poems, rituals, flavors, memories, and so much more from family and friends.

Creating a keepsake journal gives everyone a simple way to personally contribute to the present celebration while becoming part of cherished memories that will be revisited over and over.

DIY format encourages meaningful and unique contributions from original handwriting, haikus, and doodling, to secret ingredients, tricks, and rituals from those who know and care the most.

Giving a keepsake journal offers flexibility and can be done in a variety of ways, such as partially or completely filled out, as a fresh blank canvas waiting to be filled up, or self-gifted.

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